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Sonoita Grasslands Custom Beef

We are a local family-owned and operated ranch, the U7/44 Daiss ranch. We raise Black Angus grass-fed beef on the rolling native grasslands in the Sonoita/Elgin area in Arizona. The grasses are a blend of several grasses "unique" to the area and are exceptional for growing cattle and providing tasty, tender, healthy results in our beef.

Our Black Angus are raised from birth to adults and are free from hormones, antibiotics and are pasture raised until they are processed. We process our steers when they are 800-1200 pounds. No feed lot, no shipping, no coloring added and are USDA inspected.

Being ranch raised the old fashioned way on free range pasture, with no pesticides, they are stress free. We process our steers locally and are dry aged. Our cattle are healthier, providing more vitamins, 4 times more vitamin E, 10 times more Beta Carotene and 2-4 times more Omega 3 and have substantially less fat then feed-lot beef. Grass fed beef provides more nutrition than
Organic beef.

Our Grass-fed beef is available by the pound, by the the whole or half steer or you may order half of a half and can be ordered with the cuts of your preference. You may also order Ala Carte. Our pricing is very fair and competitive. We do not offer shipping out of Arizona.

Thank you for visiting our website and feel free to contact us for more information.



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