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September 22, 2016

We have been buying grass fed beef from Sonata Grasslands Custom Beef for almost two years now. We are very pleased with the quality of beef we get, knowing there are no additives to this beef keeps us buying beef from Sonata Grasslands Custom Beef. We no longer buy our beef from commercial grocery stores.


From Jacquie  2/19/2013
It was amazing!  We love the sausage too!  Thanks

From Sue and Bill in Tucson 2/19/2013
The brats and salami were great.  Both are an excellent product.
We enjoy the high quality of meat from your grass fed cattle.  Planning to purchase a whole steer and split with another person.

From Jerry in Phoenix 9/22/2012

So far we have only had a chance to try the skirt steak and it was AMAZING.  I Even over cooked it a bit on the grill. (I was watching football)  and it was very,very lean which is unusual for that cut.  It still had unbelievable flavor.  My wife absolutely loved it as well, and she is no easy sell as she grew up in Colorado cattle country.  We are most certainly interested in purchasing more. Please keep me informed when more is available.

Bob Boze Bell, True West Magazine publisher 9/08/2012

I went to my heart doctor last Thursday and he gave me high marks on my stress test, he raved about my LDL and all those crazy
numbers.  He asked me what I attributed it to and I Said, someone told me four years ago, "if it comes from a cow, I don't want you to go near it." he laughed because, well, he's the guy who told me that.  Then much to my surprise, he added this, "You are doing so well, I think you could actually eat some grass fed beef, but stay away from corn fed, or any feed lot beef.
Lo and behold, the very next day, Dave Daiss came in to the True West Headquarters from his ranch in Sonoita with a small sample of his grass fed beef, including a nice, big porterhouse steak which had my name on it, literally.  No really.  He had a packet with my name on it.
Today I treated myself with a porterhouse steak, eggs and rice--Pattarapan style (with fish sauce over the top--fresh greens and radishes, and to top it off, the latest issue of True West Magazine (October) hot off the press.  I topped kit off with a glass of cabernet and I would call this a perfect Saturday.


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